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Every year we have a handful of Schools that ask us for recommendations on wrestling scales.  We have never had a great solution, but we also never really liked the Befour models that many wrestling programs seem to gravitate toward.  This year we are ahead of the game with a scale that is personally recommended by our Service Manager Brian here at Keystone Scale.  Brian used to wrestle "back in the day" and still spends a lot of time going to matches and tournaments in the area.  If Brian recommends it, you know it's a good scale.

The scale has many features, but the biggest is that it comes to you ready for your season with calibration that meets the PA state requirements.  All free of charge of course.  
There is an optional bag that you can get to carry the scale with you that will protect it from routine damage.  The scale is only $595.00 plus shipping and the carrying case is $90
This is probably the only wrestling scale that you are going to find that is NTEP (Legal for trade).  It can be connected to a PC and we are working on a way to help you weigh in the overwhelming number of participant, quickly and efficiently at tournaments you sponsor. 

Call us to order one at 570-494-0357 or find out more information.